Rebounding Class at Slice

Rebounding class review

I love trying new classes but I think I might have tried the most fun one yet!

I was invited to Slice Studios with Lexie Sport to try out a Rebounding class and check out some of their fancy new kit. Little bit in love with the navy and floral mesh leggings!

Rebounding is an exercise class done on mini trampolines with hand weights. You basically dance and bounce around to epic music for an hour whilst getting an awesome sweat on. What’s not to like? P.S Lexie I think you should shoot your next campaign lookbook with all the models on rebounders!

Lexie Sport



We began with a warm up on the floor before we hit the trampolines. We began just by jumping then picked it up with some mini dance style routines…If you’ve read this blog for a while, you will know that dancing/co-ordination is NOT my strong suit. Luckily for me, Sophie struggles a little with this too (her admission!), so the two of us danced like loons in the corner despite often being one step behind the teacher, or going left instead of right!

Our instructor was a ball of energy, and despite my lack of co-ordination (or maybe because of it) I found myself grinning throughout the class.



The music was brilliant and included old school classics such as the Spice Girls! Using hand weights definitely made it feel like a full body workout, however next time I’d grab a heavier set as I didn’t feel that the recommended 1kg weights were enough.

Tips if you take on a rebounding class:

  • Tie your hair up securely. I ended up putting my in a tight bun on top of my head so that the pony swish bit didn’t get annoying.
  • Bring water- you will get hot, sweaty and thirsty!
  • Women please wear a properly fitting sports bra…you’re bouncing around for an hour- enough said.
  • Enjoy it, this is not a class to be taken seriously. Have fun!

Rebounding class


After jumping for 50 mins, we used the rebounders to get in some ab work, performing normal planks, elbow to hand planks and sit ups on our mini trampolines. I was quite surprised just how great a workout it was, and how much fun I had. It would definitely be a great class to bring non-fitness friends to!

We left class feeling pretty exhausted but in a great mood. I’ve actually already signed up for the Monday morning class next week- Slice is on Classpass which is great news for me!

Have you tried rebounding? What’s the most fun class you’ve ever taken?

Healthy Eating: Do what works for you

Smoothie and granola bowl

The problem with ‘healthy eating’ is it can sometimes seem like a hassle. Healthy options such as snacks aren’t as readily available as crisps and chocolate, and reaching for a pack of Walkers is often seen as easier. It also becomes confusing when we are bombarded with advice from different outlets providing conflicting evidence on what is ‘healthy’.

Vegan. Gluten Free. Sugar Free. Plant Based. Paleo. Alkaline. Natural.

What does it actually all mean? How do you make your decisions and where do you draw the line?

Personally, I eat EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING.

I eat a balanced diet which includes meat, dairy, fruit, veg, and grains. I also eat chocolate, crisps, drink alcohol and have been known to enjoy a Five Guys burger and fries. It’s all about the quantity and regularity with which I enjoy these things. I feel life is about moderation, and so I have my cake and eat it too.

Sure, I often opt to make things as nutritious as possible, even my treats (such as these avocado brownies or sugar free chocolate and pear cake).

The truth is I don’t have the time, money or inclination to make my own almond milk. I choose to drink organic cow’s milk, and that works for me.

It’s important for you to make decisions about what works for YOUR LIFE. If you can drink cow’s milk, great we’ve been drinking it for centuries. If your body doesn’t tolerate it well, or you prefer a milk substitute, well then good for you. The same goes for everything else you consume.

With a full time job, part time blogging hobby, and part time studying, for me it’s all about speed, convenience and portability. A lot of the go to ‘healthy’ options I rely on might not seem all that healthy to others. I drink full fat lattes, I eat apple crisps, I use microwave brown rice and I enjoy dark chocolate.

Everyone is different; for someone that doesn’t eat much fresh produce, simply adding a handful of lettuce, a piece of fruit or a side of veggies to their meals makes them feel that they’re being healthy. It’s all personal and it’s all relative.

GOod Housekeeping mag shoot

I try not to judge others on their food habits, but looking around social media and the blogging world, it’s hard not to feel like others judge me on my own choices. With messages that fructose is bad, dairy is evil, frying is a no-no and we should all be tee total, it can feel like we are failing at eating healthily if we don’t subscribe to all of these ideas.

My advice to others, both in the healthy living world, and those that want to make healthier choices is choose what works for you. Eat as much real food as possible, know what you’re eating by reading the back of packages, and eat plenty of fruit and veg in a variety of colours. Everything else is up to you.

I am not a health care professional or Dietician, but I will be… in 4 years. Watch this space! 

Sugar Free Chocolate and Pear Cake

Sugarfree chocolate and pear cake

I made this cake for a family get-together at Easter to serve with my Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake that my cousin had made. Even more delicious when someone else makes it! When we served the pudding selection to our family, we didn’t tell them they were healthier versions of the desserts, but they went down a treat! Just to clarify, this cake is free of refined sugar, using fruit and natural sweetener (xylitol) instead!

Sugar Free Chocolate and Pear cake

Sugar Free Chocolate and Pear Cake  

125g dark chocolate (make sure it’s sugar free although normal works fine too!)

50g coconut oil

150g unsweetened apple sauce 

125g xylitol

1tsp vanilla extract

150g plain flour

25g cocoa

1tsp baking powder

3 pears (I used Williams pears, peeled and roughly chopped)

125ml milk (feel free to use a non-dairy alternative) 


Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

Start by melting the dark chocolate and coconut oil together in a heatproof bowl, either in a microwave or over a saucepan of lightly bubbling water (make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water).  Set aside to cool slightly.

Stir through the apple sauce, xylitol, and vanilla essence.

In a separate bowl, sieve together the flour, cocoa, baking powder. Pour the chocolate mix into the dry mix, along with the pears and milk,;fold together.

Transfer to a greased and lined 8inch springform tin. Bake for 35-40mins until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Leave to cool for at least 4 hours, or overnight.

I dusted the cake with icing sugar which obviously actually defeated the point that it was sugar free! You could also serve it with some vanilla ice-cream- which would be delicious and also very much NOT sugar free!

The texture of the cake is quite fudgy and gooey, so it does need the chilling/cooling time to set up, although I bet it would be delicious eaten warm with a spoon!

Sugar free chocolate and pear cake

A Week of Healthy Breakfasts

Breakfast/Brunch is hands down my favourite meal of the day, this year I’ve decided instead of a birthday dinner, I would prefer a birthday breakfast! I know a lot of people skip weekday breakfasts or grab a croissant on the way to work, but preparing healthy weekday breakfasts doesn’t have to be time consuming. Even if you’re in a rush, getting up early or heading to the gym before work, there’s no excuse not to have some homemade nourishing goodness first thing. Here’s what a week of my weekday brekkies look like:

Monday- Overnight Oats 

These are amazing, whip them up the night before, leave in the fridge overnight, and you’re good to go when you wake up. These make the perfect portable breakfast option, whether you eat them on your way to work/gym, at your desk or at home. You could make up a couple of them on a Sunday eve and enjoy them through the week!


Tuesday- Blueberry and banana breakfast muffins

My old favourites; I always keep a batch of these in the freezer. On Tuesday I went to the gym before work and took two of these frozen muffins in a ziplock bag to work with me. I then microwaved them in our office kitchen and served with a side of Greek yogurt.


Wednesday- Coffee Coconut Protein Smoothie

Wednesday mornings mean Project Awesome, and a 5.15am alarm. I love taking smoothies with me to drink on the tube on my way to The Scoop but always want a coffee or tea too. For this smoothie I combined the caffeinated Vita Coco Cafe, that contains an espresso shot which gives a real energy boost so early in the morning! Plus it’s great for hydration before and after working out as it contains 100% coconut water. If I don’t have time to make a smoothie, I often grab a Vita Coco to drink on the way to the gym in the mornings. I developed this Coffee Coconut Protein smoothie as part of Vita Coco Cafe’s #lessbrewingmoredoing campaign- get involved by following the hashtag on twitter!


Coffee Coconut Protein Smoothie

Blend together;

330ml carton Original Vita Coco Cafe Cafe Latte

1 frozen banana

1 serving protein powder (I used Purition Coconut Protein mix)

100g yogurt (I used Coyo but Greek would work well too) 

Sprinkle of desiccated coconut to top

This makes two smoothies (or one giant smoothie)- why not keep one in the fridge for the following day.

Thursday- Smoothie bowl

I made this yummy smoothie bowl at home and enjoyed it alongside Mocha Vita Cafe Coco for my caffeine hit! I topped my mix of banana, raspberries, strawberries and milk with a handful of Nature’s Path Granola, but you could use your favourite (homemade!) granola. If you have a trustworthy tupperware, you could make this the night before and freeze in a tupperware, then take with you to enjoy at your desk (it should thaw while you’re at the gym or on your commute!)

Smoothie and granola bowl

 Friday- Scrambled Eggs on toast

Friday is my rest day so I have a little more time in the morning to cook and eat breakfast, with that said, scrambled eggs are really, really quick. You could even microwave them or mash boiled eggs onto a piece of toast if you’re really pushed for time. This breakfast actually only took me 6 mins to prepare – who doesnt have 6 minutes!

I love marmite and eggs together, (if you haven’t tried it and you like marmite, you will love it) so this is one of my favourite breakfasts; scrambled eggs on marmite toast with a side of avocado and cherry tomatoes. You could also spread the avocado on the toast before topping with eggs.



What are your go-to weekday breakfasts? I love porridge during the winter and peanut butter on toast with a banana as a pre-run breakfast!

This post is sponsored by Vita Coco Cafe, obsession with breakfast is my own. 

5 of the Best Spinning Classes in London

In no particular order (except I’ve put my favourite first) here are a list of the best spinning classes in London, in my opinion. I also think that the classes at Virgin Active and Fitness First are great if you’re members of those gyms!



When this studio first opened, I didn’t understand the hype…until I took my first class there. Hands down it is my favourite spinning class I’ve ever taken. Yes, it’s not a very serious spin class and cycling aficionados that use spinning as training probably wouldn’t rave about it, but I think that’s why I think it’s so great.

Strobe lighting, a killer playlist, ballet on the bike plus a great weights section, this is certainly not your average spin class. Read a more in depth review here.  Sadly not on Classpass although apparently they are being added…watch this space!

Read my full review here. 

£20 a class

1rebel spin class


I first reviewed 1Rebel Ride when it had just opened and the class was almost empty. Well, I reserve the right to change my mind on this COMPLETELY. I recently took a Carnival ride and it was awesome. The music was pumping, the instructor was a ball of energy and the room was packed (in a good way!) however they haven’t made new videos for the front of the room. They’ve also dropped their prices from £25 to £20 and they’re on Classpass.

If the electric atmosphere doesn’t sell you on the spinning, then the best changing room in London should. Again this class was more of a full body sweat fest rather than serious cycle training, but I loved it.

Check out my full studio review here. 

£20 a class.

edge cycle

Edge Cycle 

When your class is taught by an ex-GB triathlete, you know you’re in for a great workout (and a more serious ‘RIDE’). The hard work wasn’t a one off, another class I attended I stumbled into their plank challenge- 5 minutes of planking at the end of a spinning bootcamp! My abs and thighs (and arms) were on fire! I hate the clock at the front of the room as I stare at it constantly, but now that they’ve sorted out their showers (there were not curtains, now there are!!) that’s the only thing to complain about. I love the friendliness and affordability of Edge Cycle. Get there early to chat with the owner/guy on reception, he’s wonderful and remembers random details you’ve told him about during the previous chat!

Read a full class review here. 

£15 a class (or only £50 a month) plus they’re on Classpass

Boom Cycle

Boom Cycle 

‘Take a break, drink some water, fix your hair’. Common words you’ll hear in a Bang’s spin class at Boom Cycle. It’s very individual, including the music but it works. Another full body workout, these fun classes are definitely one to go with friends to especially if you’re going after work or at the weekend. If you’re there for a morning class, I’d recommend leaving just before the end to ensure first dibs of the showers, otherwise you may have to babywipe/dry shampoo in a loo cubicle (not that its happened to me!) They are on Classpass but you won’t be able to get into any of the early morning sessions.

Join me on the 10th May for a charity spin class here- £25 for a workout and healthy breakfast afterward!! Donate here for a spot!



If you’re a competitive sort, you’ll love the beat board at the front of a cyclebeat class, giving you the power to see how you’re performing compared to the rest of the group. Personally, I don’t love this (probably because I’m usually rubbish). These classes are a more serious training ride than many of the other studios, and they don’t include a weights section. Great for Ride100 and triathlon training.

Warning about the showers- they are open!

£16 a class

Do you like Spinning? What’s your favourite class?

I am desperate to try SoulCycle and Flywheel when I’m next in America!

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