I know, I know, it has been nearly a month since I last posted anything. Shame on me. I have two excuses;
1. I have been very busy with training, internships, jobs, job hunting…
2. My computer is rubbish and has not been accepting my camera, and has stopped me signing onto my blog because of some cookies. Who knows what it is talking about. The important thing is that I am on now.

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with SJ, Char, Sasha and Nick to wander around The Real Food Festival on the Southbank. I had never been to one, but apparently Char and Nick go most weekends- one of the perks of living in Central London.

Part of my reason to go was to use my new camera, very exciting!

Another reason to go was that I was starting my month internship at delicious. magazine the following day and wanted to have done something foodie at the weekend incase anyone asked me what I had done (they didn’t!)

It was a pretty miserable day, and I had already run that morning so I was quite sore, but the food on offer at the market soon cheered me up.

These foccacias looked amazing. Sasha bought a leek and ricotta to have for supper and said that it tasted as good as it looked. We tried to speak to the guy selling them, however he had such a high pitched voice that we all found it really hard to understand what he was saying, and we left muttering thank you’s and vowed to google it when we got home (I haven’t yet!)

Also at the stall with the foccacia were these brownies, they looked great and tasted pretty good too. Not a top 10 brownie, (a Hummingbird recipe remains at number 1 for the time being), but very tasty. Char and I shared one for pudding, which happened to be before our main, but who’s counting.

The lady above was selling Jamaican Soda bread in a variety of flavours made by her Mum at home with only 2 ovens! We tried the Mixed Berry which was warm and moist and juicy, and a chocolate, which felt positively healthy after the brownie. I bought a Apple Crumble soda bread to take to supper at Jack’s friend’s house later that evening, unfortunately it didn’t survive a day in my handbag very well and tasted quite stodgy by 9 o clock that evening.

I had a delicious pork and apple burger for lunch, whilst Char and Nick were more adventurous with Ostrich burgers. Sasha, who had joined us from a Tax revision break, had a lamb sandwich I think, and SJ had some churros and chocolate!

It was really nice to catch up with old Q girls, and to enjoy the Real Food Festival, I will definitely be purchasing a ticket for the big event at Earls Court in May if anyone wants to come?